2. "Alive or Just Brewing"

1 hour 6 mins by Rock & More |

Intro music curtesy of Ghost Ship Octavius, as well as the songs "Saturn and Skies" "Alive", all rights reserved and owned by GSO and have been authorized by Matt Wickland of GSO. Styler and me discuss rock brews, Mike D's album art for the Killswitch vinyl release this month, along with some rock and tech banter! Drop me an email with suggestions/comments at rock.an.more@gmail.com. Please subscribe and like, follow me on social media @ksbarry85 on Twitter and "ksbarry85" on Instagram. Follow Styler on Instagram at "racettesteven". Thanks for listening! Cheers!

Checkout Paul Pain's message about Killswitch's Alive or Just Breathing influence on him:

AOB changed my life by
Making me realize who my true friends where
As well as making me realize that I have the power to help change people's lives
It also helped me understand that just because the person you think that will be with you or around you forever is gone doesn't mean that's true and you have to keep pushing forward (from sorrow to serenity) nothing has to stay in your grieving moments
I could go one forever but let's make this one my last my favorite song on this album is numbered days and I think it helped me realize not to make my life an illusion to what people see or think but to make it my own while realizing that every time I come to power I will fall but that doesn't mean I succeed or fail and this changed me later in life by se it's true and if I just keep seeing that no matter how much I rise or fall the people I call family will always be there for me and it's a cycle of time that happens

Hope that's helpful!